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Specialist Cleaning

SVE is a solutions-based business, committed to providing you with all of our professional expertise and advice regarding the most suitable and cost effective cleaning methods.

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Comprehensive Solutions

Domestic or commercial, SVE cover all services required to ensure we have your Specialist Cleaning needs covered.

What we offer

A workforce of highly skilled professionals are ready to help.  Wherever you are in the UK, whatever needs fixing, we will be there. Using high spec tools and expert knowledge we have you covered.

Specialist Cleaning


Building design has evolved to offer companies with architecturally outstanding platforms to project themselves, and glazing has become paramount in this. No matter the height, shape and style of building you have requirements for, we have the solution.

Specialist Cleaning

Fascias & Signage

Facias and signage are by far the fore-front of your business/company/brand.

Our teams works efficiently without disruption to your day to day business and will leave you with clean fascias for you to continue to give your best impression and reflect professionalism.

Specialist Cleaning


Guttering cleaning and repairing provide a service that keeps your gutters clean and working efficiently – that’s why we are chosen and recommended by regular and happy customers. Regular gutter cleaning and repairs are essential for ensuring that your rainwater gutters are doing their job – protecting your business from water ingress and damp.

Specialist Cleaning

Graffiti Removal

Unwelcome graffiti is unpleasant and antisocial, it may even leave a lasting and negative impact on a community. SVE graffiti removal service will clear commercial property of graffiti swiftly and safely. If left in sight it can encourage further graffiti, lead to a decline in local property prices and increase the fear of crime in that area.

We use high and low pressure washers alongside our specially formulated cleaning products to effectively remove graffiti from all surfaces.

Specialist Cleaning


We are aware of the damage that inexperienced companies can cause by using the incorrect pressure on specific buildings. Our experienced SVE team use a combination of low pressure steam and high pressure jets depending upon the structure and age of your building.

Listed building or brand new, we know what to do. Please contact us for more information.

Specialist Cleaning

Waste Disposal

SVE are fully licensed to handle all types of commercial and industrial waste, as experts we will package-classify-label-remove and arrange disposal of most types of waste. We ensure your waste is dealt with and disposed of compliantly even after it has left your site.

We are licensed to handle and dispose of oil waste, bulk industrial liquids and packaged hazardous chemicals.

Why SVE?

In essence, because we know what we are doing and we do it well. Our team are highly skilled and qualified for every project that they undertake.


Within the team we have years and years of experience. Trained for every project that will be completed with professionalism and in a timely manner.


There isn't a project that we aren't capable of and there isn't a project that we can not complete to the highest standard.

Customer satisfaction

Customers who work with us are never dissatisfied and that is what drives our passion.

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