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Solar PV

SVE is an experienced solar and renewable energy company specialising in solar PV, energy storage systems and vehicle (EV) charging points. We are a Bristol-based company established in 2015.

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Comprehensive Solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions that are project specific for each of our customers’ requirements, inclusive of site design, advice, and installation. Having installed over 150 solar PV systems – ranging from domestic properties to complex large-scale commercial sites – you can be sure your project will be in expert hands. Contact us for a free no-obligation site survey.

What we offer

A workforce of highly skilled professionals are ready to help.  Wherever you are in the UK, whatever needs fixing, we will be there. Using high spec tools and expert knowledge we have you covered.

Solar PV

Commercial & Industrial

Solar power makes logical sense for any commercial and industrial business. Not only does it reduce your carbon footprint, it protects you from rising electricity prices. Therefore increasing your revenue.





Solar PV


Rising energy prices are a concern for every household. Solar panels can protect you from these worries and reduce the amounts that you are paying out to your energy supplier.



In the right business, the system will more than pay for itself. All educational facilities will benefit from the installation of solar power to reduce their carbon footprint and decrease the costs of running their educational facility.

Solar PV

Railway Sector

A source of clean energy should be paramount for any industry, especially an industry based on transport. Let us advise you on the best system for you to increase revenue and reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar PV

Solar Service & Maintenance Contracts

Whether you are a commercial or domestic owner of solar power, we can offer you a fully accredited service to maintain your systems to keep them running effectively and efficiently.


New Housing Developments

If you are a building developer, contractor or architect looking to install solar panels for your new build projects, get in touch with us to provide a quote for all your solar power needs.

Solar PV

Battery Storage

Battery storage is paramount for you to use solar power efficiently and effectively. It will enable you to be more grid independent, purchase low price and use at peak times, reduce your carbon footprint and protect you from costly energy prices.

Why SVE?

In essence, because we know what we are doing and we do it well. Our team are highly skilled and qualified for every project that they undertake.


Within the team we have years and years of experience. Trained for every project that will be completed with professionalism and in a timely manner.


There isn't a project that we aren't capable of and there isn't a project that we can not complete to the highest standard.

Customer satisfaction

Customers who work with us are never dissatisfied and that is what drives our passion.

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